Internal Marketing Practices and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from a Nigerian University Setting

Olaleke Oluseye Ogunnaike, Omotayo Oyeniyi, Anthonia Adenike Adeniji


This study investigated internal marketing practices and its relationship with job satisfaction in a Nigerian university environment. Results indicated internal marketing as having resultant effects on three major areas or components; understanding of organizational vision and values, quality delivery of external marketing as well as quality delivery of interactive marketing. It was also established that there was strong and positive relationship between internal marketing and job satisfaction. The research measures showed good psychometric values. These findings were discussed and situated within the Nigerian university environment. It was recommended that the university should place more emphasis on internal marketing practices thereby enhancing the quality delivery of both interactive and external marketing of the university. The university was advised to promote extrinsic job satisfaction among its staff. Areas of further studies were also

Keywords: Internal Marketing (IM), Job Satisfaction, Interactive Marketing, External Marketing, Factor Analysis, Nigeria.

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