The Relationship Between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Telecommunication Industry: Evidence From Nigeria

Olu Ojo


This study investigates the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction in the telecommunication industry with a focus on Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) Nigeria. A total of 230 respondents participated in the study. Research questions and objectives were set, alongside the hypotheses that were formulated and tested. Descriptive statistics comprising the simple percentage and tables were used for data presentation and analysis. Regression analysis and Pearson product moment correlation coefficient were employed in testing our hypotheses. The study reveals that service quality has effect on customer satisfaction and that there is a positive relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction. The researcher concluded by recommending that organisations should focus more attention on service quality, because of its effects on customer satisfaction. To ensure that customer satisfaction level is high, organisation must first of all know the expectations of the customers and how they can meet such expectations. Customer satisfaction helps in customer loyalty and retention. It has been discovered that it costs to attract new customer than to retain existing ones. It is also recommended that organisations should welcome suggestions from customers and more programmes should be designed to measure service quality and customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Customer, Service, Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality, Customer Loyalty.

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