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As Tears Go By, Conquer Your Fears!

Nothing hurts more than the moment you realize that you have lost your childhood, that the times when you used to have no worries are gone. There is a song which perfectly describes this feeling ‒ „As Tears Go By”  by The Rolling Stones. [timed-content-client show=”00:10:2000″] [/timed-content-client]

Music and childhood

Since antiquity music has taken on an important role in society, being a way to relax, an abundance of feelings and poetry. There is almost no person in this world who has never listened to music. It is part of our lives, whether we are talking about weddings, baptisms, name days, parties or funeral rites, it […]

Labor: beneficial for children or not?

Sometimes work implies special efforts which require a certain emotional maturity and a good physical development which children do not possess adequately. Despite the fact that we can admit that a certain child meets a physical condition which is suitable for work, he or she certainly does not have a high degree of development so […]