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Verificări metrologice

The „Metrological Checks” program is designed to perform metrological calculations and to release metrological certificates for the measuring equipments which may be tested in a metrological laboratory such as:

  • Cold water meter  with a 15-20, 25-40 cm nominal diameter
  • Warm water meter with a nominal diameter of 15-20, 25-40 cm
  • Work thermoresistance  Pt 100 or Pt 500
  • Pair of thermoresistance for thermal energy meters
  • 430 SUPERCAL measurement calculator for  thermic energy
  • S1 MULTIDATA measurement calculator for  thermic energy
  • Manometer for the gas or luquid pressure measurement
  • Glass thermometer with liquid
  • Debit transmitter

The main window of the „Metrological Checks” program looks like the following figure.


The working steps regarding a means of measurement’s check and the corresponding metrological certificate’s preparation are:

Completing the data wich is specific to the means of measurement.

The means of measurement’s check.

Only after all the necessary fields have been completed, and after the checking of the means of measurement, the shift to pushing the button by which the number of the metrological certificate is determined can be made. This numer is unique, it cannot be used again, and it is preceded by the trading company’s code, the metrological rules in force, regarding the elaboration of the metrological checks certificate, being respected.

In the following figure is presented the result of the assigning of the CET-BC-0000001  certificate number from the 11th of September, 2005 to a cold water meter, which has been declared ACCEPTED.


After determining the number, the only available command is the „buletin”‘s printing, or stopping the program, and than the checking of  another means of measurement could be done.

After pressing the „Buletin Print” button, a special preview window will open. This window shows clearly the way in which the certificate will look like once printed on paper, in one, two, or three copies, accompanied or not by the afferent protocol.

If the „See Protocol” button is pressed, the protocol related to the metrological certificate will also be displayed. This one will contain all the inserted values, or the values calculated in checking problems, in order to be attached to the cerfiticate, and to justify the diagnosis given to the means of measurement (accepted or denied).

After printing the certificate, and returning to the program, another means of measurement could be approached, or the program could be stopped.

The „Metrological Checks” program has been used at the SC Grup Termloc SA Bacău and at the metrology laboratory of SC Thermoenergy Group SA Bacău (the ex SC CET SA Bacău). The program is approved by the Legal Metrology Offices of  Bacău and Brașov.