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SMART 2014 Scope

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Social Media in Academia: Research and Teaching provides relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest research on social media the challenges in the educational and political context. Our conference is essential for professionals aiming to improve their understanding of social media at different levels of education and civic/social/political engagement as well as researchers in the fields of e-learning, educational science, political science, new media, and information and communication sciences and much more.
However, if you still want to submit your abstract, you can ask the organizers by sending an e-mail to Thank you for your understanding!

On one hand, with the emergence/increased use of social media tools, a large number of higher education institutions are embracing this new ecology of information offered by social media. More and more colleges and universities from all over the world are transitioning from traditional teaching/learning towards social media teaching/learning, widening their curriculum landscape beyond technology by integrating different forms of social media, like social networks, microblogs, or cloud computing. However, in this era of fundamental changes in education brought by virtual worlds and augmented reality, dominated by mobile devices and applications, it is necessary to rethink the academic work environments based on social media tools and applications like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, in accordance with the learning needs, skills, and competencies of students.

On the other hand, our conference sets out to analyse the relation between social media and politics by investigating the power of the internet, and more specifically social media, in the political and social discourse. We intend to collect original research on the use of social media in political campaigns, electoral marketing, riots and social revolutions, presenting a range of case studies from across the world as well as theoretical and methodological contributions. Examples that explore the use of social media in electoral campaigns, the usage of Twitter and other Web 2.0 tools in mobilizing people for riots and revolutions, are for interest to us, among other topics.

Some video presentations from SMART 2013

You can find them in SMART section from IBS-TV television webiste, click here:



Timisoara is the county seat of Timis and the most important city in western Romania. It is located in the Banat Plain, on the Bega River. Its territory covers 136 km2 and lies at 45 deg 47 min latitude North and 21deg 15 min longitude East. There are 334,081 inhabitants in Timisoara (over 450,000 with the residents). The town was first mentioned in a donation act issued by King Andrei II in 1212. It developed during the Dynasty of Anjou, when Carol Robert built a palace that was replaced by the Huniade Castle later. Timisoara is rich in cultural and artistic traditions, especially in the theatrical and musical fields. The open-mindedness of the people in Timisoara, the peculiar town planning (Romanian tradition combined with Austrian and modern elements), the interesting mixture of cultures (romanian, serbian, hungarian, german), the great material production, the quality of the services and the upstanding cultural life make Timisoara a city worthy of European standards.
The local time in Timisoara is GMT+2. There are some direct flights from European main cities to Timisoara: from Paris (Beauvois), Dortmund, München (Franz Josef Strauss), Milano-Bergamo (Orio al Serio), Bologna (L. Ridolfi), Rome (Ciampino), Treviso, Verona, London (Luton), Barcelona (El Prat, Madrid (Barajas), Valencia (Manises), Bucharest (H. Coanda)
Also, you can fly to Timisoara via Bucharest, from a lot of international locations
Other close airport (41min of driving on A1 motorway) is Arad. There are direct flights to Arad from Milan (Malpensa) and Bergamo. If you arrive in Bucharest, you can come in Timisoara renting a car (7 h of driving) or by train (8:30 h).