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As of May 2013, we conduct a series of social and educational projects. The idea behind our projects is to endeavour to help those who can help others in the future.

Coding Contest for Girls: „The Beauty of Code – The Code of Beauty”

soft1Starting from the fact that education must be centred on the student, and must be differentiated according to the peculiarities of skills, interests, age, and sex, I designed this contest, with the intention to reduce the existing gap between the number of boys and girls in schools of profile, respectively on the labour market. The contest is not expected to be a sexist, feminist approach in favour of girls and boys in preference, but, on the contrary, a method by which girls are encouraged to compete at equal with boys.

French Contest for Pairs (Girl+Boy) – Le concours de langue française pour les paires “Parler et faire des affaires en paires”

Le but du concours est d’encourager les jeunes à s’orienter dans la préparation universitaire et la carrière professionnelle vers le domaine de la langue française pratique et des affaires où on utilise le français, mais aussi d’augmenter le pourcentage de présence masculine dans les domaines où la langue française est nécessaire.



Super Scratch Programming Adventure for pupils from Plopana, Rusenii-Razesi

16 disadvantaged students, but with outstanding results, from schools in Plopana and Rusenii-Răzeşi (8 + 8 girls and boys, 4 on each level of study) were selected to attend initiation courses of programming in Scratch. Prior to each day of the course, the students received a free meal at the University; the meal was paid by Halcyon Consulting LLC, of Pearland, Texas, USA, by the good will of Mrs. Gabriela Chiribău, CEO. At the end of the activity, the students received a Scratch textbook in Romanian and a certificate of attendance, provided by L&S Soft publishing house in Bucharest, infomat courtesy of director Vlad Tudor. The children received gifts offered by volunteer students and Conf. Univ. Dr. Elena Nechita, who also organized visits to the University Campus.


Civic Education: Tolerance, Multiculturalism, and Diversity


Starting with Febaruary 2014, we conduct some meetings and seminars about tolerance, interculturality and multiculturality, diversity, and similar topics. Our aim is to convince teenagers to accept other people, which are different from them, i.e. they have other religion, other colour of the skin, other tastes, other political opinions, they are fatter or thinner, good in sport or in mathematics…


Computer Science Club

12 students (6 girls and 6 boys) from the „Vasile Alecsandri” National College of Bacău, participated in October 2014, at a series of free Informatics courses, organized by EduSoft. The students came from the X and XI grade, and were the best in computer science, compared to their classmates. Mr. Bogdan Pătruţ has initiated those twelve students in the field of visual programming using the Visual Basic programming environment. The students have developed, under the direction of Mr. Pătruţ, different games or other applications, some of which you can find here.


Scratch Course for Students and Teachers

In May 2013, Mr. Bogdan Patrut (EduSoft) organized a free course of Scratch for pupils and teachers. After an introduction about sprites and costumes, it switched to moves and animations, events and control structures. The course has advanced to define their own blocks and even recursion.


Introduction in Programming with Scratch at Buhusi

Buhusi5In February 2015, we had a series of classes with students from the highschool “Ion Borcea” of Buhusi (Bacau county). We introduced them in visual programming with Scratch, and they enjoyed our course. The students were happy to learn this new and very interesting programming environment.

Scratch with Kids from Botesti and Barticesti

scratch_bannerOn April 16th, we made a break on the vacation of the kids from the Barticesti School in Botesti, Neamt County. But they enjoyed it 🙂 It was the first contact of this wonderful kids with the programming in Scratch. And they were really good.

Young journalists


Since November 14, 2011, I encouraged young students to publish articles in the local newspaper “Desteptarea” of Bacau. I coordinated a section called “NovixPress”, where our students have written various interviews, news, articles etc. The most fruitful collaboration was with Paula Elena Rusu.

The Youngsters and STEM Education


We have organized a workshop on STEM education for youngsters, where very beautiful and intelligent girls, both from Romania and from The Moldavian Republic, have discussed (together with the boys) about AppInventor, Scratch or Visual Studio programming. The workshop was organized by EduSoft, with the support of Benefica center, between the 20th and the 24th of June, 2015. Among the guests were also counted three of the four girls from Stefanesti, who had won the first award at the Technovation Challenge mobile applications contest of 2014 in San Francisco: Maria Toma, Tatiana Moraru, and Mihaela Bîrca.


Write ‘n’ Like


Ai o idee ce te frământă? Un gând frumos, o emoţie, o trăire specială, pe care vrei s-o împărtăşeşti? Ai vizitat un loc frumos şi te-a impresionat? Cunoşti un tânăr talentat şi vrei să scrii despre el? Ai o temă de dezbatare şi vrei să argumentezi punctul tău de vedere? Ţi se spune că ai talent la scris? Vrei sa te faci cunoscut(ă)? Write ‘n’ Like este un proiect literare ce încurajează tinerii să se exprime prin scris, neconstrânşi de cerinţele şcolii.

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