EduSoft ( is an independent, non-profit (without patrimonial purpose), non-gouvernmental, and without legal personality association. The main goal of our association is to promote education amoug children, youngsters, and researchers.

EduSoft is a form of cooperation between people from EduSoft SRL (, Centrul European pentru Strategii Durabile ( (NGO), a series of schools, universities, and individuals, from Romania and abroad.


If you want to see all our current partners and collaborators, please see the table at

Since 2002, we have been providing quality products and services to the students, teachers and scholars from universities and research institutes. EduSoft does all kinds of awesome services for the K12 and higher education community.

Such services include, but are not limited to,

  • writing, editing, publishing and distributing textbooks in EduSoft, EduCart, and InfoData publishing houses (Editura EduSoft, Editura EduCart, Editura InfoData);
  • writing, editing and facilitating publishing books in prestigious academic publishers, like Springer Verlag or IGI Global;
  • writing, editing and facilitating publishing books in German companies which publish academic books on demand, like LAP Lambert, AVM Verlag etc.;
  • organizing conferences, workshops, and other kind of academic events, like SMART 2013, WINTER 2014, and publishing their proceedings in prestigious academic publishing houses;
  • editing, publishing and indexing academic journals, like BRAIN, BRAND, LiBRI;
  • developing educational software for students, teachers, and educators;
  • developing scientific software;
  • scientific research in areas related to the use of computer science and information technology in education, social science, or political science;
  • accommodation in excellent conditions and organization of trips in Romania.

Please see our various portfolios, to see better our proved competences and our potential to help you in these domains.