Echoes of “eco”

“The peasant’s in the field, the peasant’s in the field/Oh well, my little darling, the peasant’s in the field”. These are the words of an old Romanian song. What was the peasant doing in
Porcule2the field? Ecological agriculture, of course! What is he doing now? He was forced to sell his land to a big company and move to town, to work in a factory or an office. From a food producer, he became a consumer; he became a “burger”… and his non-romanced biography may be multiplied by millions of times. Is that big company, that took our peasant’s land, performing ecological agriculture? I’m afraid it isn’t. It’s only the “industrial agriculture” that brings profit and can feed the nowadays this very high amount of urban population.

On the other side, people are no longer living an ecological life. How can we eat whatever vegetable or fruit unless we know its contents of calories, fats, cholesterol and vitamins? We are now used to eat chemical and mathematical formulas. When a product is taken from the supermarket shelf, its label shows the precise content of sodium glutamate, aspartame and other preservatives and all these data give us a state of security, i.e. we keep our life under control.


What happens when one picks up a dirty carrot from the ground without wearing protection gloves? Definitely, this would be a crime to the health of humanity. There were so many dangerous cases that occurred from nowhere, such as the “mad cow” disease, bird’s flu and pig’s flu, not to mention Ebola…

The so called “bio” products have already become a very profitable business. It’s not difficult at all to print “bio” labels and to increase prices… It’s now trendy to have an “eco” alimentation, no matter how much we have to pay.

Gabriel Cojocariu