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Do you consider that education, independently on its type and form, is important for your future and to your country? Do you love children and you feel like society does not do enough for their education, but neither you know how you may help in this matter? Do you admire those who get involved in various causes, especially in those regarding education, but you have never been involved in anything like this before? Do you believe that education is important for the improvement of all the citizens’ living standards? Do you want to learn more about IT&C?

If the answer to the previous questions is, repetitively, only yes, than let us bring you good news: come help us organize contests, conferences, and other activities as a volunteer, and thus you will feel like you are actually doing something for education, and that you get involved in causes that matter, that you can participate at an event by helping to organize it. You will finally be able to fully enjoy the energy and the optimism of such special educational events within a special team.

You… should be a dynamic and active person, sociable, and determined. You should want to get involved in and help organizing an educational event, dedicated to children and youngsters. If you relate to this description, it means you fit the profile of one of our volunteers that you may see in action by taking a look at the photos from the projects we have developed up to this point, here: http://www.edusoft.ro/projects

Download, fill in, and send us the next form at the following e-mail address: bogdan@edusoft.ro


If you feel more like doing and intern-ship at EduSoft, then check out the following page: http://www.edusoft.ro/practica/ You may do an intern-ship in programming, web-design, communication, advertising, PR, translations, editorial activity, and many, many others, for we are open to anything. You may build a portfolio that will very much help you in the future, in case a possible employer asks you about your skills and work experience. We offer you the possibility of an intern-ship in our team, on the field, or even from your home!


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