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Are you refused by various companies based on your lack of experience? Do you need to apply for an internship and you cannot find where? Do you believe that what you learn in school is not exactly what the employers expect from you? Than it is time for you to create a portfolio and come to us, because we offer you the possibility to practice in domains like IT or communication, on the field or even from your home!

If you want to do an internship at EduSoft, access this page in Romanian here.

There you can download the internship-contract (in Romanian) or you can send us a similar one, given by your faculty. You will fill it and contact us through e-mail (see the address from below) to tell you the further procedure.

adresa bogdan

Profesor și studenți

You may do internships in programming, web-design, communication, advertising, PR, translations, editorial activity, and many, many others, for we are open to everything. Moreover, we assure that you will learn many practical things, that you will make many friends and, especially, that you will be able to meet and relate to potential employers. International students are welcome!

Click here if you want to know more about what you can do as internship student (Romanian).


On the other hand, if you would like to participate in our volunteering programs, in our social and educational projects, please click here.