Mediating Iranian EFL Learners: Private Speech and Scaffolding in Reading Comprehension

Ali Rahimi, Soheila Tahmasebi


In Sociocultural Theory (SCT), mediations in second language learning include (1) mediation by others (2) mediation by self (3) mediation by artifacts, which incorporates brilliant insights for EFL contexts (Lantolf, 2000a). Putting these ideas in a task-based method, the present study aimed at examining the contribution of scaffolding and private speech in improving EFL learners’ reading skills. Screened through an Oxford Placement Test, 54 EFL freshmen taking a reading comprehension course participated in this study. Two types of measurements were used: 1) a final test of reading comprehension, 2) an oral presentation of a text whose readability matched that of the texts used during the experiment. The students' performances on presenting the text orally were rated based on the idea units recalled (Johnson 1970). 

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