The Effect of Integrity, Professionalism and Audit Knowledge on Auditor Performance in Aceh Inspectorate Office Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Muhammad Amin, Muhammad Arfan, Darwanis ., Muslim A. Djalil


The purpose of research is to examine the effect of integrity, professionalism and audit knowledge on the performance of auditors of Aceh Inspectorate Office, either simultaneously or partially. The population in this study is all auditors at the office as many as 83 people, while the data in this study is derived from the primary source in the form of questionnaire survey in the form of statements in a structured manner. The result of the research shows that integrity, professionalism, and audit knowledge have positive influence on auditor performance of the inspectorate agency of Aceh either simultaneously or partially

Keywords: Integrity, Professionalism, Audit Knowledge, Auditor Performance.

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