CSR: A national and international perspective

Towseef Ahmad



 Corporate Social Responsibility has been around for a long time and seems to have a timeless concern for reputation, ethics and values of a Corporation; however, the modern and the scientific era of CSR began with the outstanding contribution of the landmark work entitled, Social Responsibilities of the Businessman by Howard Bowen and subsequent publication of Strategic management: A Stakeholder Approach. This concept has been subjected to a lot of managerial and skilled opinions, discussions and analysis. In spite of the apparently endless discussion and research regarding its contours, it has seen a lots of growth and development in both academic and practitioner circles. Its alternative thematic wheels work to enhance the well being of a community through social and environmental stability vetted with the concept of sustainability, benevolent business practices and responsible stakeholder investment, which assumes a great significance and is assayed within the framework of this article.

Keywords: CSR, Stakeholder, Corporations, Principles and Responsibility

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