Applying Metaphor in the Motivational Process within the Organizations

Cornel Marian Iosif


Through motivation, managers are looking to fulfil certain needs of employees with the purpose that this way, through their behaviours and actions, they can more easily achieve the goals of the organization. Motivation addresses some needs, tensions of the employee that he needs to fulfil. But, in order for motivation to have results, we must consider that once a need or tension is fulfilled, it is no longer generating motivation. The metaphor using analogies form explanations that have the role of passing the barrier of the consciousness. The metaphor makes different connexions between the processes, symbols, situations and behaviour of the respective employee. These elements improve communication with the help of words, expressions and stories. Using metaphor in the motivation process of employees has allowed: to surpass resistance in the communicationprocess by using analogies because they induce for that employee a possible solution of the problem, using analogies induces a certain way to solve problems, it allows for an easiertransmission of information. In the motivation process, by using the motivational triggers, special constructions, verbs in active voice, it helps to easily transmit messages towards the employees but they also have the ability to make the message last in time after reaching the recipient. It can beappreciated that the metaphor has a more efficient effect in the motivational process than traditional theories, because they address the employee directly, and the commands it sends to it do not depend on the direct way of fulfilling some needs of the respective employee.
Keywords: metaphor, motivational process, organization, neuro linguistic programming, process

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