Social-Cultural Influences and Personality Disorders Favoring Drug Consumption

Oana Chicoș, Domenico Perri, Liliana Capriș, Andra Irina Bulgaru Iliescu, Kantor Cristina


Due to the fact that crime is a social phenomenon, we consider necessary to analyze it as an individual action committed by a real person in an actual circumstance. We mention that crime is a human action, determined by certain psychological elements, necessities, reasons, purposes. In Romania, the evolution of the crime phenomenon is a consequence of the impact of severe socio-economic issues, characteristic of the transition period, as well as of the authority crisis transited by the competent state institutions. The defective legislation and the overburdening of the criminal justice system, associated with the lack of staff and logistics, have limited the effect of preventive and repressive measures. Therefore, people who consume substances submitted for national inspection are called drug addicts or drug abusers. According to the World Health Organization, narcomania is “the state of constant or chronic intoxication, harmful for the individual and for society, caused by the repeated consumption of a certain drug (natural or artificial) – it is characterized by the following – an irresistible need to continue consuming it and acquiring it by all means, a tendency to increase its dosage and a psychical, sometimes physical addiction for the effects of the drug”. Drugs of all types have been considered “magic” pills the molecular structure of which is well known by chemists, physicians and pharmacists. In literature they are also called “millenary fragile molecules”, which from ancient times were “glorified”, but in fact they do not have supernatural powers, but deceive people, being in fact a “two-faced coin”. The first face is the one which creates appeal and the second is the one which creates addiction, making us change our behavior and avoid our family and lose our friends. Thus we can state that one of the highest challenges of humanity is represented by drug consumption. The multiple environmental changes and the set of social, economic, and psychological changes are aspects which negatively influence people.

Conclusions: As a general conclusion, we can state that presently, illicit drug trafficking and consumption is the most successful business. The illicit drug market is considered the most “dynamic” crime market. Regarding the facts previously mentioned, we want to show that the citizens of the European Union spend over 24 billion lei a year on drugs.


Social Phenomenon; Personality Disorders; Socio-Cultural Influence; Crime; Intoxicating State

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