Virtual Education for Environmental Engineers

Diana Mariana Cocârță, Lăcrămioara Diana Robescu, Liviu Andrei Negrea


The present paper describes the main components and the most important issues concerning the e-Learning system called EnvYJobs. This tool was developed across the implementation of the Erasmus+ project entitled Environmental learning innovation for more knowledge and better jobs. One of the main objectives of the project is to enhance students’ knowledge in environmental engineering and to make their skills and competencies more attractive for the labor market. The eLearning system supports both the students and tutors/teachers communicate with each other in order to allow students the access new and interesting knowledge on various environmental issues. In this way, it becomes possible the mutual learning in the field of environmental engineering between important and experimented actors in European higher education system by using the exchange of good practice and implementing innovative tools and instruments.


e-Learning; EnvYJobs; Educational Intelligent System; Online Platform

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