Semantically Enhanced Frequent Events Mining in Electronic Health Records

Svetla Boytcheva


This paper proposes context based approach for frequent events mining (FEM) in Electronic Health Records (EHR). The majority of FEM methods do not take in consideration the context information of the analyzed dada. EHRs contain rich context information like demographic data, encounters, vital parameters, diagnoses, lab tests values, and prescribed therapy. Such information is crucial for proper interpretation of the complex temporal clinical events. Some applications in comorbidity identification, risk factors analysis and patients phenotyping are presented to illustrate the proposed method. Experiments were run on large collections of pseudoanonimized reimbursement requests submitted to the Bulgarian National Health Insurance Fund in 2010-2016 for more than 5 million citizens yearly. Effective explication of comorbidities and characterization of risk factors can fill knowledge gaps and assist informed clinical decision-making.


Frequent Patterns Mining; Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery; Health Informatics

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