Review of Recent Trends in Measuring the Computing Systems Intelligence

Laszlo Barna Iantovics, Adrian Gligor, Muaz A. Niazi, Anna Iuliana Biro, Sandor Miklos Szilagyi, Daniel Tokody


Many difficult problems, from the philosophy of computation point of view, could require computing systems that have some kind of intelligence in order to be solved. Recently, we have seen a large number of artificial intelligent systems used in a number of scientific, technical and social domains. Usage of such an approach often has a focus on healthcare. These systems can provide solutions to a very large set of problems such as, but not limited to: elder patient care; medical diagnosis; medical decision support; out-of-hospital emergency care; drug classification among others. A recent key focus is that most of these developed intelligent systems are agent-based approaches, or in other words, they can be considered as agent-based intelligent systems (ABISs). ABISs are formally based on a set of interacting intelligent agents (IAs) in addition to the use of intelligent cooperative approaches namely forming intelligent cooperative multiagent systems (ICMASs). The main direction of study consists in the possibility to measure the artificial systems intelligence, frequently called machine intelligence quotient (MIQ). Recently, we performed some research related to the measuring of the machine intelligence. There is presented a comprehensive review of the scientific literature related to the measuring of the MIQ. We consider that the measuring of the machine intelligence is very actual and important, which could allow the differentiation of ABISs based on their intelligence, choosing of the agent-based systems able to solve the most intelligently specific problems. As the main conclusion of the performed study, we mention that cannot be given a unanimous definition of the ABISs intelligence. Even if the machine intelligence cannot be defined, it could be measured. We discuss this affirmation more in-depth in the paper. This is similar to the human intelligence that is not understood very well but can be measured using human intelligence tests.


intelligent agent-based system; machine intelligence; machine intelligence measure; machine intelligence quotient; computational hard problem; computational hard image processing; cardiac image processing; cardiovascular diseases images;human intelligence

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