Aspects of the Peculiarities of the Formation of Social and Household Skills in Children with the Disorders of the Autistic Spectrum



A particular group among children, who have difficulties in mastering skills of social and everyday orientation, is the category of children with disorders of the autistic spectrum, characterised by their corresponding specifics of mental and social development.

The article describes the experience on programmes development and implementation of the approaches aimed specifically at the development of social and household skills in children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder). The psychological and pedagogical fundamentals of work on improvement of the formation of social and everyday orientation skills in children with autistic spectrum disorders are considered.

Disorders of the autistic spectrum, a peculiar disorder of the child’s mental development, determine the features of mastering the skills of social and household orientation. Such peculiarities of development determine the development of behavioural skills in everyday life and society as the specificity of the functioning of higher mental functions, stereotypy, rigidity of behaviour, limitations of social contacts with adults, problems of the process of consistent activity. The development of social and household orientation in children with autism spectrum disorders requires the implementation of special purposefully organised activities that consider both the structure and peculiarities of this type of disorder and the social situation of the development of a specific child.


social and household orientation; autism; social development; social adaptation

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