What Kind of Problems are Seen Common in the Adolescent Health Clinic during Pandemic Period?



Adolescence is a developmentally unique period and the psychosocial consequences of the “age-determined” curfew should not be overlooked.Individualition and changes in intellectual development are the most important developmental tasks during adolescence.An age-stratified curfew may be perceived as a suppression of their own will, plans, and decisions. A distinct method of curfew involving adolescents and young adults were taken.

The difference is on behaviors between youth and teenage during COVID-19 pandemic that Youth are intellectually better equipped than younger children to understand what is going on, authorities should explain to this unique group more clearly the importance of abiding. By following the curfew;they are aiding in problem-solving, saving lives, being the unseen heroes for the elderly people.

The aim is the study that why anxiety and depression are seen more than the normal period during pandemic period. And how we are able to overcome this struggle among youth without taking any longterm troubles.


Covid-19 pandemic, Youth, Adolescent Health clinic

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