Neurobiology as an Interdisciplinary Science in the System of Natural Sciences



The presence of neurobiology as an interdisciplinary science in the system of natural sciences has become the basis for the development of the academic discipline "Fundamentals of Modern Neurobiology" as a component of the natural science training of future psychologists in higher education institutions. The main aim of the article is to structure the above-mentioned discipline to deepen and systematize the natural science knowledge previously mastered by psychology students to modern ideas about the physiological mechanisms of mental activity and human behavior, the causes of occurrence and the neural mechanisms of the main psychopathologies. To this end, one has achieved a number of partial results: a) the analysis of modern neurobiological sources has made it possible to determine the main areas of neurobiology as an interdisciplinary science in the system of the natural disciplines; b) one has justified the expediency of using interdisciplinary links when structuring the course on fundamentals of modern neurobiology; c) one has selected the three most promising areas of neurobiological research relevant to structuring the course on fundamentals of modern neurobiology. It has allowed one to design an integrative academic discipline "Fundamentals of modern neurobiology", which, combining three interdependent and interconnected modules, namely: "Neurobiological essence of human connection with the environment", "Cognitive neurobiology and modern ideas about the higher nervous activity of a person", "neurobiological changes and mechanisms of dysfunctions of the nervous system, higher nervous activity and sensory systems ", - will contribute to the effective implementation of the transformation of the content of natural science training of future psychologists, taking into account current trends in the present and the current state of development of neurobiological sciences.


interdisciplinary connections, future psychologists, natural science knowledge, neural mechanisms, interconnected modules, neurobiological nature, cognitive neurobiology

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