IOT-Enhanced Digital Marketing Conceptual Framework

Andreea Liliana BĂDICĂ, Mircea Ovidiu MITUCĂ


The research proposed in this paper regards the appropriateness and possibility of enhancing digital marketing with IoT technologies. The contribution of this paper is a novel digital marketing conceptual framework based on the ubiquitous and pervasive IoT technologies, empowered by the synergies of edge, fog and cloud computing. Our proposal is grounded into the general framework of digital marketing research proposed by Kannan and Li, as well as on the comprehensive agent-based IoT paradigm, thoroughly analysed by Savaglio et al. This framework is capable to seamlessly support the emergent marketing approaches including: contextual marketing, intelligent marketing, and omniscient marketing. On the other hand, this proposal can also benefit from the techniques and methodologies for building secure and robust IoT systems that were recently proposed by Pešić et al, for increasing the security and trust of IoT-based digital marketing ecosystems.


Digital marketing; internet of things; smart products; edge, fog and cloud computing; agent-based computing

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