Studies Towards Obtaining a Photoprotective Dermo-cosmetic Complex Product With Natura Extracts of Inorganic and Organic Substances

Mirela Mitu, Teodora Balaci, Eleonora Mircia, Andreea Stănescu, Anca Nicoară, Ancuţa Fiţa


Photoprotective products are considered borderline between
cosmetics and pharmaceuticals due to physiological implications they have on skin health considering the environmental changes (radiations, global warming, and the diminished ozone layer) and due to the high demands regarding the balance between the e±cacy and the safety of the consumer. The studies we have carried out in this paper consist in the following: selection of the excipients and active ingredients (organic and inorganic filter and/or screen substances, natural products, antioxidants) and the use of a proper technological process for obtaining a dermo-cosmetic product having a good physical and chemical stability, as well as suitable organoleptic and rheological properties in order to ensure the innocuity and pleasant administrating features.


photoprotective dermo-cosmetic product, inorganic ad organic screen photo protective substances, complex photo protective ¯lter

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