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As Tears Go By, Conquer Your Fears!

copii_searaNothing hurts more than the moment you realize that you have lost your childhood, that the times when you used to have no worries are gone. There is a song which perfectly describes this feeling ‒ „As Tears Go By”  by The Rolling Stones.

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Once we grow up, we become indifferent to little things life has to offer. We see no joy in gazing at the sunset, or in taking a short walk in the park. We are too busy for these things which are meant to make our lives better. Instead, we choose to turn on the TV and stare at it until we fall asleep. Why not stare at the stars? Because we tend to do the same activities every day, being too lazy for changes. Also, we keep complaining about how hard life is, about how happy or successful the other people are. Maybe they really deserve it, maybe they have strived to achieve their goals.

The first step to a better life is not to envy others! People are jealous of others, only when they are not living up to their own potential. Always do your best and try to be brave when you face hardships! Never look back and don’t let anything stop you from making your dreams come true! There is no failure, there is only a lesson.

“I sit and watch the children play/ Smiling faces I can see/ But not for me” that’s what the lyrics say. Sometimes, you may feel unhappy, useless, or even depressed. But take your time and think for a while. Think about how happy you were as a child and about the little reasons that made you feel this way. Of course, playing was your favourite pastime and the activity that brought joy to your soul. You were not concerned about money, about paying bills or taxes. But now, as an adult, worries won’t let you enjoy life to the fullest. Try to keep them away from you and think positively!

“Choices may be unbelievably hard but they’re never impossible. To say you have no choice is to release yourself from responsibility and that’s not how a person with integrity acts.” (Patrick Ness)

Life is short; always choose happiness!

Raluca Marin