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rocarta_v (1)Rocarta is a multimedia encyclopaedia, covering more than 3000 articles about Romania, about the Moldavian Republic, and about the Romanian people. It also includes more than 50 video document recordings, more than 120 audio document recordings, and over 3300 pictures of Romania and of romanian personalities or special events.

The encyclopedia cotains audio recordings of personalities such as: Mihail Sadoveanu, Nicolae Iorga, Haricleea Darcle, Nichita Stanescu, George Calboreanu, Toma Caragiu, Costache Antoniu, Tudor Arghezi, Maria Tanase, Miluta Gheorghiu and many, many others.

Also, within the encyclopedia are found historical documentaries with: Nicolae Titulescu, Regele Carol I, Regele Carol al II-lea, Regina Maria, Regele Ferdinand I, Nicolae Iorga, Ion Antonescu, Horia Sima, Nicolae Ceausescu, Ana Pauker, Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej, Nadia Comaneci, Constantin Brancusi and many, many others.

 At the end of the year 1999, Rocarta 2000 was becoming functional and it probably was the first gender ecnyclopedia made in Romania, at that time presented on the national television post and in some newspapers. TVR Iași also realized a TV show about this encyclopedia, which has been taken by TVR 1 and TVR Internațional.

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