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ContTest is an educational software, developed by Bogdan Patrut, PhD, Andreea Schmidt, and other collaborators. It uses a multi-agent system and conversational/pedagogical agents, in order to teach and to test the achievement of accounting knowledge and skills.

Below, you can see a series of videos (in Romanian) from the ContTest program. They are available on Youtube, in Romanian, and you can use the links to see them.

Regulile de functionare ale conturilor:

1a. debitarea unui cont de activ: 1b.exemplu debitare cont de activ
2a. creditarea unui cont de activ: 2b. exemplu creditare cont de activ

Formula contabile:

  1. definitie formula contabila
  2. formula contabila simpla
  3. exemplu formula contabila simpla
  4. formula contabila compusa
  5. exemplu formula contabila compusa mai multe la unul
  6. exemplu formula contabila compusa unul la mai multe
  7. formula contabila mixta
  8. exemplu formula contabila mixta

Analiza contabila:

  1. definitie analiza contabila
  2. etapa 1 a analizei contabile
  3. exemplu etapa 1 analiza contabila
  4. etapa 2 a analizei contabile
  5. exemplu etapa 2 a analizei contabile
  6. etapa 3 a analizei contabile
  7. exemplu etapa 3 a analizei contabile
  8. etapa 4 a analizei contabile
  9. exemplu etapa 4 a analizei contabile


Please find below some of our full research papers, related to ContTest:

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