Important about BRAIN: BRAIN - vol. 9, issue 4, 2018


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The next issue of BRAIN will be published at the beginning of November 2018.

The provisional table of contents of this issue can be seen below:

1. Medical Diagnosis with a Novel SVM-CoDOA Based Hybrid Approach - Muhammed Hanefi Calp

2. A Triadic Formal Concept Analysis Approach to Analyzing Online Hate Speech in Facebook Comments - Radu Mihai Meza, ?erban Nicolae Meza

3. The Relationship between Parent Perfectionism and Children Academic Achievement - Masoumeh Nadiri

4. Prediction of Psychological Well-being Based on Islamic Lifestyle and Coping Strategies in Patients with Major Thalassemia in Tehran - Asghar Ghorbani, Parastoo rahimi, Marjan Amoo Khalili

5. A Smart City Assistive Infrastructure for the Blind and Visually Impaired People: A Thin Client Concept - Dmytro Zubov

6. Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Knowledge Society: Increasing the Safety Level by Use of Learning based on Wargaming Expertise - Dorel Badea, Marin-Marian Coman, Dumitru Iancu, Olga Bucove?chi

7. Cognitive Agent-Based Accident Avoidance System - Fasial Riaz, Abdul Ghafoor, Yasir Mehmood, Naeem Ratyal, Iram Zamir, Ujala Siddique, Hina Iqbal, Anila Arbab

8. Recent Challenge for Auditors: Using Data Analytics in the Audit of the Financial Statements - Daniel Botez

9. Combining Theory with Practical Skills in Social Research. An Example that Involved Master Students in a Research on Reading Habits - Carmen Ionela Bosoteanu, Adrian Netedu

10. Assessment of the Effects of TV Programs Containing Violence on Children in Pre-school Period through the Views of Parents - Behcet Öznacar, Güldad Kan

11. Mind Maping as Support for Economic Studies E-learning  Adriana Tiron-Tudor, Ramona Lacurezeanu, Liana Stanca, Sergiu ZaganIssue 

12. A Review of the Application of the Concept of Economic and Smart Sustainable Value Added (SSVA) in Industries Performance Evaluations - Nikolai Siniak, Daniela Koteska Lozanoska

13. Investigation of Causality Between Interest Rate and Deposit Investor’s Behaviour - Ercan Özen, N.Serap Vurur, Simon Grima

14. How to Discover Hidden Knowledge According to Different Type Dataset: A Guideline to Apply the Right Hybrid Information Mining Approach - Roberto Paiano, Stefania Pasanisi

15. Virtual General Physician System using Artificial Intelligence -  Saleem Ahmed, Naveed Ali Khan, Dost Muhammad Saqib Bhatti, Kainat Ali, Mona Sahar -

16. Unilateral and Bilateral Muscular Dysbalances of Knee Joint in Junior Tennis Players – Boys and Girls - Vodicka Tomáš, Zvonar Martin, & Colab.

17. Atlas-Based Segmentation Pipelines on 3D Brain MR Images: A Preliminary Study - Muhammet Üsame Öziç & Colab.

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